Terms & Conditions


Any item found defective will be replaced or an adjustment will be made, provided we are notified promptly upon receipt. No returns are accepted after 15 days and a 20% handling charge will be made for returned merchandise. Sorry, books and videos are not returnable.

All products offered in this catalog are unconditionally guaranteed against manufacturing defects. We reserve the right to request that an item be returned to us for examination. Our liability for defects on any item shall not exceed its replacement cost to us.

We have attempted to provide suitable precautionary statements on all hazardous or suspected hazardous chemicals. In many instances chemicals have not been studied for hazardous or toxicological effect. The burden for safe use of all our chemicals is the sole responsibility of the buyer or user. Our chemicals are intended to be used by qualified individuals who are trained in proper laboratory and manufacturing procedures and are familiar with their potential hazards. Individuals using these products should refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) and product labels for applicable warnings and safe use. All hazardous chemicals are sold subject to Federal, State and local laws and our discretion. One should always work in a well ventilated area when handling all chemicals.

Burman Industries, Inc. ships via UPS and Federal Express. UPS and Federal Express offer various services, i.e., ground service, next day, second day, and third day service. We ship with which ever company is most economical for the customer in the time needed. Foreign orders are shipped via Federal Express.

U.S. Regulations require that hazardous materials of different chemical composition be shipped separately. Like items will be packed in one box., i.e., two bottles of Skin-Flex Pigment will be packed in one box, not two. If you are unsure of the hazardous fee for your order, please call for help.

Any product marked by a * is considered a hazardous material. Please call for a quotation to cover special packaging and shipping requirements. Call for Federal Express rates.

Any material marked by a “N” will NOT be shipped by any means as they are considered to be extremely harmful to the environment in the event of a spill.

Please inquire about any item not found in this catalog. Our product line is continually expanding and we will be happy to discuss your additional requirements.

All Latex Products Listed In This Catalog, As Well As Pros-Aide, Will Spoil If Allowed To Freeze. We Haven’t Had Any Problems Shipping These Products Next Or Second Day Air. But Please Keep In Mind That When You Order These Items, You Are Ordering At Your Own Risk.

For additional questions concerning our terms & conditions, please contact us by Phone: (818) 782-9833, or Fax: (818) 782-2863.